SGIM’s Raison D’être

The Japanese Business Environment

Advancement of Abenomics

  • Mounting expectations for the future
  • Accelerating national IR by the government with the goal of marketing Japan to the world
  • The creativity of Japanese firms is increasingly vital to meet the challenges of the future
  • Increasing attention by foreign investors on Japan’s economic recovery

Effect of Abenomics on the financial markets

  • Capital inflow to stock markets from inside and outside of Japan
  • Time to reconsider how to determine a company’s fair value
  • Launch of NISA, the Japanese version of ISA, which promotes the shift of capital from savings to stock investments

Increased demand for strategic corporate IR activities by companies

Increasing the competitiveness of Japanese companies
by promoting globally effective strategic IR

Stronger Relations between Japanese Companies and Foreign Investors

  • Active communication is indispensable
  • Transparent and timely information disclosure is vital
  • Solid corporate governance is essential
  • Need to pursue the strength of Japanese management and its essence

Globally effective strategic IR is imperative