Privacy Policy

Handling Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

This privacy policy is defined under the rules of websites managed by the Strategic Global IR Management Association (hereinafter referred to as “SGIM”) regarding the handling personal information of all members, policies, data collection, and usage. Please read and understand the privacy policy in its entirety when visiting the website, and provide your personal information only if you agree to the privacy policy.

How Personal Information is Used

When members provide personal information, SGIM will make use of the information only for the provisional purpose of SGIM seminar registration, membership applications, various services, and related uses. If personal information will be used in any manner except the above, we will indicate such before collecting the information. Personal information of members will not be used for anything other than legitimate business purposes.

Definition of Personal Information for Members

This defines personal registration information necessary for the personal identification, contact information, shipment of goods, etc. for users of the SGIM website who belong to SGIM membership corporations. Information is mainly used to enable:

  • Viewing member exclusive content on the SGIM website
  • Receiving application of seminars, etc.
  • Shipping purchased books
  • Distributing questionnaires and surveys
  • Distributing mail

Definition of Personal Information for Non-Members

Personal information provided to SGIM via the website, which is necessary for personal identification, contact information, shipment of goods, etc., is mainly used for:

  • Registering for seminars open to non-membership, etc.
  • Delivering the membership booklet and other materials
  • Receiving purchase orders for books

Disclosures to Third Parties

Personal information provided by members will not be disclosed or provided to third parties except in the following cases:

  • To make disclosures for business consignment or business alliances with SGIM, in the cases mentioned above (for example, member names and affiliations being disclosed to third party building security in order to allow admittance to an SGIM event).
  • Required by law or regulations
  • Accepted by the members

Change, etc to Registered Information

In requesting modification, confirmation, correction, and deletion of personal information registered by members, please contact SGIM in the appropriate manner.

Measures for safety

SGIM endeavors to securely control and manage members’ personal information. SGIM takes reasonable and appropriate safety measures against outside unauthorized access to personal information and its loss, damage, modification or leakage. This is accomplished through information security regulations as well as the appropriate control of personal information, implemented by association staff members

Collection of specified or unspecified information

The SGIM website does not collect identifiable personal information (such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) without members’ consent. However, the SGIM website may collect non-identifiable information (demographic and usage information not linked to an individual). For example, page view information or level of access from other websites. This information may be used to improve the function and contents of the SGIM website, etc.

Use of Cookies

When you visit this site, SGIM may store some information (generally known as a “cookie”) on your computer, which allows the site to access certain data when you visit the site again. This information may include pages viewed on previous visits and whether or not webpages were correctly delivered, etc. Personal information of SGIM members will not be specified by this information.
The SGIM website does not use personally identifiable cookies unless otherwise specified. However, when cookies are used to provide certain membership services, the details will be explained on the webpage and allow members to confirm their consent.

Revision of Privacy Policy

SGIM may make changes to this Privacy Policy. Please check back periodically.

Scope of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to this website ( We do not bear responsibility for privacy protection on other websites linked from SGIM website. Please confirm the privacy policies of each website.


Any questions or comments on this privacy policy, please contact the SGIM office using the following contact form:

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