Mission & Activities

SGIM strongly advocates IR as an important obligation of corporate leadership. SGIM studies and promotes ideal IR and disclosure practices and strategies particularly for IR targeting foreign investors.

SGIM studies, promotes and develops strategic IR practices closely linked with management strategies, especially financial strategies.

At the same time, SGIM will nurture leaders, officers and middle-management who can implement global IR strategy in collaboration with professionals, auditors, lawyers and IR servicers in order to contribute to the evolution of international corporate activities.


SGIM Recognizes the JIRA’s IR Activities Charter as the Basic Rules for IR Activities

(1) Collection of global IR intelligence and know-how
(2) Survey, research and development of global IR-based management
(3) Educating corporate leaders of listed companies on global IR-based management
(4) Holding workshops, seminars, etc. on global IR-based management
(5) Timely activities for educating members on global IR
(6) Timely activities for educating and promoting global IR
(7) Facilitating interaction among corporate global IR leaders
(8) Collaborating with Japanese and overseas IR institutions
(9) Creating policy proposals for global IR management
(10) Establishing standards for evaluating global IR activities and issuing “awards” for companies satisfying these standards
(11) Other necessary activities to achieve SGIM objectives